Salon Sustainability

sustainable-4At Taïs Hair Studio, we value quality and innovation to ensure the best service possible for our guests. This includes always being at the forefront of what our guests want from our salon.

The word on everyone’s lips is, “sustainablity.” We as a society want more environmentally friendly alternatives from our local and big businesses.

Did you know that hair salons are very environmentally un-sustainable? Not only is there a lot of water and electricity usage, but a great amount of waste is accumulated with not enough readily-available sources to recycle it properly. Chemicals getting washed down the drain, paper and plastic packaging going into the bin, buckets and buckets of hair going into landfills… the list goes on!

Did you know that all of these can be recycled?

We have partnered up with Sustainable Salons Australia to provide safe and correct recycling procedures for many different materials. Here is a general list of what we recycle:

  • Your own hair! Left over hair is used in giant, “hair-booms” that clean up oil-spills. These are much, much more effective than standard foam booms.
  • Plastic gets recycled separately to be remade into product packaging and other recycled plastic materials.
  • All metals (foils, colour tubes, cans) are recycled at an aluminium processing centre. All money gained from this goes directly to local non-profit community charities.
  • Left over hair colours are recycled into bore water and new liquids for beauty products.

Utilising these facilities, we now recycle up to 95% of all our waste!

So what does that mean for you as a guest of our salon? What does this all have to do with that, “Sustainable Green Fee” of $2 that’s added on the end of your service?

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you are providing both us and Sustainable Salons Australia help with facilitation of the hair, foils or chemicals that result from your visit with us.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us at Taïs Hair Studio to work directly with our guests for a better, brighter and environmentally-sound future.

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