Manicures: The Brazilian Way


We here at Taïs Hair Studio want to bring a uniquely Brazilian style of beauty experience to Australia. An experience that involves not only hair but also nails, eyebrows and even makeup simultaneously! Not only is this convenient but it can also offer an even more personalised and luxurious experience.

Maria is our resident manicurist and eyebrow designer. She is here to talk about the Brazilian manicure process and how it differs from a standard Australian one.


After soaking the hands to soften the skin, Maria will then use her specialised Brazilian-made nail clippers that are crafted specifically for precision to clip the cuticle to leave the nails clean and free of ragged edges. She then applies the nail polish of your choice all over and around your nails. Yes, you heard me! Not just on the nail but all around it, as well. This is to ensure your entire nail, including the edges have been painted properly. Maria will then use a cuticle stick wrapped in cotton and soaked in polish remover to work around your nail to remove excess polish. This leaves a perfect coat of paint that will last longer and look better!!

There’s a reason that this is the only way to get your nails done in Brazil – the heart of the beauty industry. Why don’t you come and try it out?

Maria is available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Book now on 9660 1373.




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