How to Safely Style Your Hair at Home


We all want that salon-perfect hair at home and it is achievable with the right tools and products. We do however need to be mindful of the impact of constantly pulling and twisting your hair. If you constantly use heat on your hair (i.e blow dry, straightener, curling iron), you will be stressing your hair out!

Now, there is no way to fully stop hair damage from styling, but there are many ways to minimise it. Here are some ways to keep your hair safer at the mercy of that hair dryer!

Before applying heat to your hair, you need to protect it. Apply a thermal protection spray to your hair as directed on the bottle. You will find that quite a number of styling products have the added benefit of heat protection in them already! So before you go out and spend the extra cash, check out what you already have in your collection. Heat not only damages hair but also will fade colour. If you have coloured hair, use a spray that has added anti-fading properties.

Less is More!
Try to keep your blow dry days to a minimum (if you can!) The optimal amount is 2 times per week. If you have fine hair that gets oily quickly, invest in a good dry shampoo to keep your hair going for a bit longer. If you are worried about sleeping on your hair and ruining the shape, try loosely pinning your hair up overnight.

The Cooler, The Better
When using a curling iron or a straightener, it’s best to keep the heat setting at a medium temperature. Too high a heat setting will further damage your hair and too low will not hold the style. Try to hold your hair dryer three fingers away from your hair to lessen heat impact.

If you do have dry, stressed hair due to frequent heat application, we recommend an in-salon treatment to help repair and nourish your locks. Call 9660 1373 today for an appointment.


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