• Do you offer organic and natural hair products?

    Yes we do! Taïs Hair Studio has can offer you the Natulique range, which is ECO certified organic. Natulique is a natural range of hair products including shampoo, conditioner, treatments and ammonia-free hair colour.

  • Are you an environmentally-friendly salon?

    Yes we are! Taïs Hair Studio has partnered up with Sustainable Salons Australia to create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment where everything is recycled properly and safely. If you are interested in more information, check out our blog post on it here: Salon Sustainability Blog

  • Do you do hair straightening and/or hair extensions?

    Yes, we do. We have a highly experienced team to best meet your needs.

  • Do you have Olaplex?

    We have Goldwell’s BondPro which is designed specifically for Goldwell products and offers the same benefits as Olaplex. It strengthens, revitalizes and protects the hair during hair processes such as bleaching, colouring and other chemical treatments that can damage the hair.

  • Do you cater for special occasions (Weddings, Formals, Photo shoots, etc)?

    We certainly do. Many of our customers have had special events here we are always happy to help make these events even more special. We also offer local catering if requested.

  • Do you also do Make-up?

    Yes, we do. Our make-up artist is available by appointment only.

  • Are you open weekends and/or late nights?

    We are open late on Thursdays and Fridays and we are open on Saturday till 4pm.

  • Do I need to book in advance?

    We recommend to book with us in advance to ensure an available time. We will also try to fit you in if you drop by or call us at the last minute but we cannot always ensure a time.

  • What is the $2 "Sustainable Green Fee"?

    The extra $2 is applied to your bill to help Sustainable Salons Australia facilitate the recycling of the hair, colour and/or foils that result from your visit with us.

  • How often should I cut my hair?

    We recommend getting your hair cut every 8 weeks. If you use heat frequently on your hair (hair drying, straightening) then we recommend every 6 weeks to ensure optimum hair health.

  • Do I need to use treatments? How often should I use them?

    Just like we use face masks, we must also use hair treatments to keep our hair at its very best. We recommend to use a specialised treatment on your hair once a week at home and professionally done once per month at the salon.