All About the Upstyle

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Updos, styled curls or a sleek look are among the popular choices for special occasions this season. Our talented hairdressers with creative flair can create a style that will suit you.

Here are some little tips from us to help you prepare for fabulous hair at the salon.

Should I wash my hair or not?

We generally recommend washing your hair the day before coming in for your upstyle as the natural oils produced in your hair will help to create an up style that will last.
This is not a rule, however and sometimes our stylists prefers fresh hair for a certain look, so it’s best to have a chat with us before your appointment. You can contact us via phone, e-mail, social media or even with a complimentary consultation in-salon.

Can I use product on my hair?

If you are going to wash your hair in the morning or even the night before, it’s best to leave your hair product-free. Sometimes the products that you use at home for styling can counteract an upstyle – giving it too much weight or conditioning.

If you have a routine that requires product you may still do so, but use the minimum if possible. Nevertheless, if you can avoid product, leaving your hair natural may be the best approach before your appointment.

Things to consider!
It is important to keep you hair healthy leading to the special day. Regular trims and hair masks as well as protection from heating tools are some of our must do’s for beautiful healthy hair.
Prior your appointment you can share a photo of a style you like to our email or facebook. You can even upload photos through our online booking system.

Looking forward to seeing you. Rest assured you will leave looking and feeling glamorous!

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